Sacrament of Confirmation

“By the sacrament of Confirmation, [the baptised] are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.”

Confirmation: Its Definition and Its Effects

Confirmation is the sacrament by which Catholics receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Through Confirmation, the Holy Spirit gives them the increased ability to practice their Catholic faith in every aspect of their lives and to witness Christ in every situation.

Briefly the effects of Confirmation are as follows:

• An increased portion of the gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, knowledge, right judgment, understanding, courage, piety, and fear of the Lord
• A deepening and strengthening of the grace received at Baptism, which is considered the presence of God in the soul
• A more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ
• A closer bond with the Catholic Church
• The ability to take a greater, more mature role in the Church’s mission of living the Christian faith daily and witnessing to Christ everywhere
• A special mark, or character, on the soul that can never be erased

Each person’s ability to embrace these effects depends on his or her openness to the sacrament and willingness to accept it as God’s personal gift.

On 1st July 2021 24 children received the Holy Sacrament of confirmation from our Bishop Marcus Stock
Many Congratulations.

Preparation for Sacraments 2021-2022.

In Our diocese of Leeds all Children who want to be confirm should be in Y6 or those Catholics who goes to non-Catholic school or by any reason could not be confirmed above Y6 Parents may be getting anxious as the preparation programmes for First Holy Communion and Confirmation for receiving the Sacraments in 2021-2022 have not started yet.
As soon as school year 2021-2022 starts we will inform through the newspaper or the bulletin all the necessary information’s.
We will let you know through the parish website or newsletter and will be asking you to complete Application Forms prior to starting the sessions. The Sacraments will be taking place at a later time in the year than usual. There are 12 session of the Course of Confirmation we will submit you the booklet for the lessons.
For your information, we will not be starting the sessions via Zoom meetings or online learning. Hopefully we will be able to proceed before long.

Many thanks for your understanding and patience.

Please keep an eye on the newsletter for further announcements.