Youth cell
Prayer List
Heres where we’re going to upload the things we need prayer for as often as possible, please check back for updates and new topic and most of all keep us in  your prayers!
Monday, 12 March 2007
For the last few weeks and a few to come the cell and the confirmandies will be going to the weekly event run by the diocesan youth service at the cathedral. The event is an opportunity for the young people to meet and interact with other youth and learn from the great selection of speakers
Friday, 23 February 2007
The cell group has agreed to help and join with the confirmation preparations this year. We will be using to highly praised Youth Cafe program and parts of the youth alpha scheme to give a full and directed scheme of learning that will help both the cell and the confirmandies to learn and discover
Friday, 23 February 2007
Youth Room Damage
Sadly the hall complex was broken into recently, the parish youth room suffered a fair amount of damage also there were two broken windows and much our our donated resources were destroyed including our pool table and cd library. We also lost our dvd player soon before the room was planned to be