Youth Cell

Heres some brief information about how we run cell, if you would like more information please contact us via email or simple search on google for cell groups there are plenty of resources out there. Remember to check the other links above too!

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What is cell then?
A youth cell is a group of about 6 - 10 high school aged Christians (from different Christian backgrounds) who meet weekly to pray and learn more about God and their faith. Cell is used widely throughout the country to develop the Christian beliefs of young people and there are many different cell networks in most major and minor city's.
Leeds is host to the Leeds Youth Cell Network. This network of cells helps nearly thirty groups meet up each week, giving nearly 300 young people the chance to discover their faith for themselves. The cells meet up each term for an assembly of all the cell groups in Leeds. This is called a Cell Celebration and there is contemporary worship with a band for the young people to worship in a way they understand. There is also a theme for each 'Celebration' on which a preacher will come and give us a talk.
Each weekly meeting is made up of four parts:
Welcome - This is the social time where we have a game and some food, this is important to build our strength as a group and to become great friends with each other as well as fellow Christians.
Worship - This is the most important part of the evening, we worship in lots of different ways, we sometimes sing or play music or we may just have some quiet time to pray and listen to what God is saying to us.
Word - This is our discussion time, again we do it in various different ways, sometimes we take a bible reference and do a bible study on it or sometimes one of the leaders will preach on a particular subject for example 'faith' or the 'Armour of God' etc.
Witness - This is another important part of our meeting, in this time we try to look outside our group and pray for the world or things outside of our group. We sometimes have active witnesses where we plan an open youth event for all the parish or agree to go to a 'Demonstrate day'.
A 'Demonstrate day' is a day of witnessing to the truth of Christ, these are organized by the Leeds Youth Cell Network. We will go out onto the streets and clean gardens or organize fun days for kids all to show people how much God loves them. These days are key to developing our faith as Christians. At the end of the day we have a shared meal and a worship night with a band and a preacher so at all times we can her the good news of Jesus.
Our cell is heavily linked with St Augustine’s Catholic Church, Harehills. This is the church attended by all the current members of the cell. As a group we look to help in whatever way we can with the running and upkeep of our church. This takes many forms from helping with the maintenance of the church buildings to running events for the other youth in the church. We are always looking for new ways to serve our church and fresh way of encouraging the youth to stay faithful to God.
As members of a city wide network we are dedicated to being open to all forms of Christian belief, however as a group we are dedicated to our church community and our beliefs as Catholics. We try to incorporate this in our cell meetings and look at Catholic concepts of belief as well as the wider Christian beliefs.
The content of our weekly meeting usually follows a theme that changes periodically. Prayer and teaching is based on this theme and we often use materials such as the youth alpha program to help back our learning. We make use of amy resources and often spend a series of weeks looking at and using particular programs like the Youth Cafe™ scheme, Passion™ bible guide and Cell outlines.
To sum up cell I would have to say it is an amazing chance for all young people to find out there not on their own that there is other Christians their age out there. I have also found cell is key to learning about God and finding out my faith for myself.
If you would like more information about the Leeds youth Cell Network  (LYCN) please visit our downloads and links page to download their latest info sheet or visit there homepage.